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Meet Doug Engstrom

Doug Engstrom has been a farmer's son, a US Air Force officer, a technical writer, a computer support specialist, and a business analyst, as well as being a writer of speculative fiction. He lives near Des Moines, Iowa with his wife, Catherine Engstrom.

"A relentless commentary on the human cost of debt culture, Corporate Gunslinger is the kind of honest, page-turning dystopia we need now more than ever." --Darin Bradley, author of Noise

"Corporate Gunslinger takes all the niggling fears of being young and in debt in capitalist America and turns them into a brilliant, bloody nightmare of a science fictional thriller." — Rachael K. Jones, World Fantasy Award Nominee

"An intense and engaging satire of contemporary American life that reads like a Richard Morgan version of The Hunger Games, telling the story of indentured young trainees being groomed for violent tournament spectacle—and exploring the compromises we all make to survive in the arena of 'real life.’" — Christopher Brown, Campbell and World Fantasy Award-nominated author of Tropic of Kansas and Rule of Capture

Doug Engstrom